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Prime 60L (60 Liters)

Prime Series


Prime Series is a reliable, rugged and high-performance sterilizer, designed for the laboratory. The dual air filtration system effectively isolates bacteria and viruses from the interior of the chamber during the exhaust stage and protects the sterilized items from potential external contamination.


Accuracy :

      ■  ​Traceable for Operator ID and Sterilization Object check in and check out
      ■  With PT-100 Floating Sensor and fully customized programs

Convenience : 

      ■  Full color Touch Panel; easy follow design, and with shortcut menu for quick access 
      ■  Process Indicator Light (Red, Blue, Blue (blinking) & Green) facilitating status update
      ■  Three water addition methods to overcome environmental factors  

Safety : 

      ■  4 Door Locking System
      ■  ASME & PED Pressure Vessel
      ■  Exhaust Filter to prevent cross-contamination