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Super Microm Series


Sturdy’s advanced tabletop autoclaves for solid, wrapped, tubal and liquid (optional) sterilization. These autoclaves use Microprocessor design, providing smart logic control for precision temperature monitoring and a full range of settings for diagnostics, drying and pre-programmed sterilization presets. The most main feature is a powerful vacuum pump for thorough inside-out sterilization of tubal instruments.


*User Friendly:
1. Provide “Flash” program for emergency used
2. Offer different “Dry time” for use
3. With digital temperature display and process status bar for easy reading
1. Water detector:
    (1)low water indicator with buzzer to prevent dry-heat;
    (2)check water level both in chamber and water tank.
    (3)Overheat and Pressure overload protection
     (4)Provide double protection with Interlock Door Switch

*CE Certificated