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Tabletop unit


The Super Suction Units are high powered medical suction devices used in medical facilities.
28-33 LPM - Oil Rotary Vane Pump type or Oil-less Piston Pump type (CE 0434)


Practical, user-friendly design is ideal for operating rooms or general wards, providing full functionality used in most procedures requiring suction such as biopsy, surgery, endometrical curettage, obstetric and abortions etc.
Dial knob allows you to adjust to your desired vacuum flow rate.
Built-in vacuum gauge with a range from 0-760 mmHg.
Two polycarbonate collection bottles (autoclave-able) graduated by milliliters - each has 1000 cc capacity and overflow protection device.
Optional bacteria-retention filter to prevent dispersal of bacteria aerosols into the environment.
Comes with foot switch (manual on/off suction).