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LC-01: Standard port x 3, Rotation port x 1
LC-01A: Standard port x 2, Rotation port x 2
LC-01B: Standard port x 1, Rotation port x 3
* Standard port: High speed
* Rotation port: Low speed
Power Supply: 110 - 120V or 220 - 240V;  50/60Hz
Air Pressure: 0.35 - 0.6 Mpa (3.5 - 6 kgf/cm2)
Weight: 7.3 kgs
Dimension: 360mm (L) x 290mm (W) x 340mm (H)


  • The perfect solution for fast and efficient maintenance for different brands of high and low speed handpieces.
  • The automatic rotation function during the cycle guarantees that each handpiece is cleaned and lubricated thoroughly.
  • The front cover can be completely removed by the touch of a button for easy cleaning.
  • Level indicator of the oil tank helps users to check the volume of the oil easily.
  • Press the "AIR" button; it will activate the air compressor to flush out all the residual solution.
  • Filter sponges can absorb the spray mist. The sponges are easy to be replaced.
  • Different brands of all E-Type low speed handpieces can be attached to the connector directly. With the adapter, all different brands of handpieces can be attached to the connector for direct use.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand Control Panel:
      Cycle S: (Approx. 35 seconds)For high speed handpieces
      Cycle M: (Approx. 45 seconds)For low speed handpieces
      Cycle L: (Approx. 50 seconds) For all handpieces
  • Error Indicator:
The indicator light will illuminate if the door isn’t closed completely. You will not be allowed to operate the cleaner in the meantime.
  • Complete Alarm:
  • A buzzer will sound when the cycle is complete.